It’s true that it’s often helpful, in recovery and personal development, to get to know yourself. 

But don’t make the mistake of assuming that the “you” of right here, right now, is always going to be “you.” 

The fact is, we change. 

We actually change a LOT over the course of years. 

Some say the only constant in the existence of human beings is that we do change. 

Everything is temporary. 

The reason it’s important to be clear about this is, a lot of people can get plenty discouraged when they look at “who they are”…and they don’t like what they see. 

Maybe they see someone who is not as physically healthy or vibrant as they’d prefer. 

Maybe they see someone who hasn’t yet developed the tools and skills they need in order to live the life they envision. 

Maybe they look at themselves and see someone who has failed or stumbled or fallen short of their potential. 

Maybe they see someone in pain. 

It’s not that these people are wrong to look at themselves and see those things. Reality is reality. Maybe you look in the mirror and objectively don’t like what you see. 

I’ll never tell you to lie to yourself. We see what we see in the mirror. 

By that same token, remember: any time we glance in the mirror, we see a snapshot. 

We see who we are at a particular time, in a particular place. 

“Who we are” at this moment is impacted not only by big, overarching issues such as our values and needs; but also by factors as transitory as our level of energy right now, our mood right now, what kind of day we’re having right now, maybe even our blood sugar right now. 

“Who we are” is fluid. It changes. 

Our level of functioning changes. 

Our level of satisfaction changes. 

Think about your own experience: are you the person you were five years ago? Let alone ten, let alone twenty? 

Yes, you probably bear some resemblance to who you were…but you’re not that person anymore. 

You’ve had experiences. You’ve learned lessons. You’ve sustained losses. You’ve overcome obstacles. 

The “you” of 2009 might not even recognize the “you” of 2019. 

All of which serves to illustrate this point: don’t get discouraged by where, and who, you are right now. 

Who you are right now is not indicative of who you can be. 

We change over the course of months and years anyway. It’s inevitable. It’s going to happen. We are not going to be the same people in ten years that we are right now. 

The trick is to change in a way that YOU choose. 

The trick is to evolve in a direction that is consistent with who you want to be and what’s important to you. 

And the ONLY way we do that is by paying attention, every single day, to what we do, what we think, what we watch and read, and what influences we allow to act on us. 

We can evolve and change by chance, or we can evolve and change by choice. 

We WILL change. 

And, in ten years’ time, we either WILL be happier or less happy than we are right now. 

More functional or less functional. 

More in line with our goals and values, or veering away from what we want and what we value. 

Let’s choose to change and evolve on purpose. 


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