You’re wealthy.

Yes, you. Right here, right now: you’re rich.

That is, you have resources that other people covet.

Your time. Your attention. Your money. Your energy. 

Even if you’re cash-poor at the moment, it’s important to realize that money is not the only currency that is valuable in this world. Advertisers want your attention and your excitement almost as much as they want your money. 

Entire industries, such as marketing and politics, are designed around catching and holding your attention, as well as encouraging you to use your time and your energy to do specific things (such as buy products or vote for candidates). 

Even if you’re dead broke, the resources you DO have are in high demand. 

Which is why you need go guard them fiercely. 

Your resources are exhaustible. You only have so much energy, time, and attention to go around. 

They’re either going toward your goals and values…or they’re gong toward someone else’s. 

One of the end goals of personal development, as well as good therapy, is to get to the point where you’re putting your resources toward goals you choose and that you find meaningful…as opposed to letting your resources be yanked out of your control by others who may or may not have your goals and values in mind. 

How do you allot your resources in the course of a day? 

How much of your time, energy, and attention go toward things YOU choose and YOU find meaningful…as opposed to being coopted by people and organizations that are out to manipulate you into certain patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving? 

One of the most common sources of depression and anxiety is a feeling that we’re kind of spinning our wheels in the world— not directing our finite resources toward what WE find meaningful. 

This often crops up when people retire. They’ve spent their entire careers directing so many of their personal resources toward goals that have been defined and structured by their careers, careers they’ve chosen because they align with their values and goals…then, when they retire, they don’t have a ready vehicle for channeling their personal resources anymore. 

So they feel restless. They feel like they lack purpose. They feel that what they do in the course of the day doesn’t matter anymore…because their personal resources aren’t being invested in goals and values they care about anymore. 

Depression, anxiety…these are common consequences of peoples’ resources going to places where they shouldn’t, by rights, be going. 

Have you ever felt that the stuff you’re doing in the course of a day just isn’t right for you? 

Have you ever had the feeling that you’re not doing things that really matter? 

Have you ever felt that you’re essentially searching for things in which to invest your energy and focus that would really mean something to you? 

Those feelings are likely action signals that your personal resources are being inappropriately invested. 

Mind you, many of us aren’t taught when we’re young how to invest our resources well. 

In fact, when we’re growing up, many of us are taught that the only resource that means anything is money. If we don’t have money, this line of reasoning goes, we’re by definition poor or broke. 

The currencies of time and attention and energy are the REAL sources of wealth in this world. 

In fact, the only reason why money as a currency has ANY value is because people THINK it can buy them other peoples’ time, attention, and energy. 

Realize, without a doubt, how “wealthy” you truly are. 

Realize too that it’s on you to protect and invest your “wealth.” 

You’re a mental, emotional, and behavioral “millionaire,” without doubt. 

Don’t spend your wealth. 

Invest it…in things you care deeply about. Today. 


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2 thoughts on “You’re wealthy. Yes, you.

  1. Well Doc Great Words and know exactly what you mean. However there are people out there, mtself included, who are stuck in a job that does not meet our values/ goals but we have no option. Oh i know we all have an Option, but the fact is to earn a living in this society and pay the bills, a decent money paying job is a necessity. To counter balance the 9 to 5 job, we could spend a few hours doing something that does matter to us. Once again when most of us get home from work, its a relief to plump down on our chairs and think- theres another day gone. I personally cant wait till I retire then i can do things which hold some meaning and purpose. For the majority of us, the Workplace is the KILLER. You are one of the lucky ones as I know you love what you do and you earn a decent living. Money in itself means little to me but i do need it to survive. Thanks again Doc and sorry for the rant.


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